Indonesia, a country with a complete different culture has also a complete different way of producing and processing coffee which is called wet hulling. The coffee cherry is firstly harvested and then depulped by using hand cranked devices.


The coffee beans are fermented for a short time in wicker baskets or plastic sacks, laden with their mucilage.  After fermentation, the coffee beans are washed by hand.  These beans are only fermented for a short period of time and washed just once. That results to a partial removal of the mucilage, which is known as a semi-washed coffee. After washing, the parchment covered coffee is laid out to dry on patios, raised beds or on plastic tarps. Indonesians dry the coffee beans up to 40% moisture before they remove the parchment in contrast with other coffee regions that reach the 10-12% moisture levels. These still wet green coffee beans are then dried in the sun to the usual 10-12% moisture content.

This process flattens acidity while increasing mouth feel.

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