PANAMA Geisha Esmeralda Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee Panama Geisha Esmeralda, located in Boquete on the slopes of the Barú Volcano in Western Panama and owned by the Peterson Family, produces one of the best rated and most expensive coffees in the world.

Each year, during May, a private auction of their prized Geisha varietal is being held. There is not much coffee, only about 20,000 pounds, which must fill a big demand from all corners of the world (this may sound like a lot but is only half of one shipping container). Competition for the coffee is fierce and prices go very high, reaching up to 60$ / kilo!

The specific specialty coffee is very lush and has delicate sweet floral notes, especially Jasmine and coffee blossom, with pronounced lemon-lime citrus acidity. Generously fruit filled and light candy flavors. Soft, lush, refined and light chocolate mouthfeel. A coffee with obvious pedigree and extremely approachable.

The fact is that Geisha varietal is an astounding coffee!

It’s suggested for espresso or filter coffee.

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PANAMA Geisha Esmeralda

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Country: Central America

Altitude: 1700masl

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