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Mix & Match up to 3 different coffee varieties or blends of our Specialty coffees!

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    For our roasters & Cuppers coffee is not a job, it is a journey in constant pursuit of the best handpicked coffee cherries in the world. Join them as they travel the globe in search of the perfect bean, the perfect roast, the perfect cup. Your gourmet coffee beans are freshly roasted daily.

    We want you to experience what a Real Specialty Coffee can be.

    We want professionals with confidence. Enjoy Coffeedence Specialty coffee.


    Coffeedence supplies mostly to niche professionals and businesses. Specialty Coffee is our expertise and we provide this product to our clients, upon request.  We have the capacity to provide larger quantities when available for selected crops. Private clients are also welcome to propose a request, of course. Not all our stock is online, if you are able to visit our offices we can help you to find what you are looking for. When you don’t have the opportunity to visit our offices, please contact us so we can discuss procedure.


    Coffeedence has a tremendous experience on handling and provision of specialty products on vertical markets such us Coffee Stores / Café  Bistrot Delicatessen / Gourmet Stores, Hotels (Boutique and 40-45 persons), In Office coffee rooms , Business Gifts etc.

    We are experienced and passionate about new projects. Taking a detailed look at your project, we will try to make the best possible ambiance for your business environment and adjust to your company’s identity with the most suitable consulting roadmap. We always start with meeting over a cup of specialty coffee.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with a request.