COLOMBIA Papayan Supremo Specialty Coffee

Popayán is the capital of the Colombian department of Cauca. Is is also known as the “white city” due to the color of the most of colonial houses and places in the city downtown.

Much of the city’s original splendor was destroyed on 31 March 1983, when  an earthquake toppled many buildings. Though many of them were rebuilt and repaired, the heart of the city still bears ruins and empty lots since the disaster.

The specialty coffee COLOMBIA Papayan Supremo is being cultivated at the areas of the Cauca region of Colombia which are lush with rainfall, cloud cover, and soil conditions ideal for coffee cultivation. Dense clouds form from the Pacific and release heavy rainfall.

It has a balanced acidity with nice hazelnut and toasted caramel aroma. Its full body with a Dutch cocoa flavour and with notes of lush fruits, gives a unique experience to the taster.

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Country: Latin America

Altitude: 1850masl

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